Benefits of CAD for Hand Made Jewellery

I would like to point out in this article how prospective buyers of handmade jewellery can benefit greatly from Computer-Aided Design (CAD).

• The image created with CAD is very photorealistic. The customer gets a true impression of the piece of jewellery which is going to be created for them.

• CAD software offers the possibility of flexibility. Design changes are much easier implemented to satisfy the consumer.

• A CAD-created render beats a mediocre or poor drawing at any time. Not every jeweller or salesperson has the skills to draw a piece of jewellery to the finest detail and prospectively.

• A manufacturing jeweller has the opportunity to explore design ideas not seen before and therefore offer uniqueness, which clients prefer.

• A Jeweller has the possibility to create a catalog of originally designed jewellery without the outlay of physical materials, which reduces overheads and keeps costs down.

• Remember it is only the design that is done by CAD. The piece itself is still fully handmade.

Casting vs Handmade Jewellery

There is a misconception that jewellery designed by CAD (computer-aided design) has to be cast. This fallacy continues to be mentioned in blogs and on websites that are confusing to the end consumers.

Admittedly the majority of jewellery manufacturers use CAD technology to mass-produce their jewellery, in other words casting. Misleading descriptions in their catalogs or on their websites like hand-crafted or hand-assembled add to the confusion for the buying public.

The Customer Benefits

But this doesn’t mean that this new technology is used in the same way by all jewellers. The adaptation of modern design tools together with the traditional qualities of hand-manufactured jewellery can be of great advantage to you, the end consumer. One of the biggest benefits to customers and jewellers is a much lower rejection rate. Clients have a very clear understanding right from the beginning of what they will be receiving. A poor drawing is open to many interpretations and the cause for many breakdowns in customer-retailer relationships.

Traditional Methods but Modern Technology

As a potential buyer, you will find that you can have direct input into the design of your choice. If you like the band to be a little bit wider, prefer a different gemstone, think rose gold would be nicer than yellow gold, then these changes can be made for you to visualize immediately. You should then receive from your jeweller a hand-made piece identical to the design created by the CAD software. This hand-produced piece of jewellery will outlast a cast version for a long time.

The mix of modern technology and traditional methods contributed to a much greater consumer satisfaction rate.

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